Our Story

In early 2019, Addie decided to pack her bags in Greensboro, NC and move across the pond to London. Having a love for travel, she wanted to explore living in a new city and London felt right. 

Addie began working in a hotel near Tower Bridge- and was particularly charmed when a certain tour guide ordered a cup of tea to rest in between tours. After the first conversation, it seems that both of them were rather smitten. Addie shakily delivered a surprise cup of tea to “combat the cold and rainy evening,” and perhaps to initiate an additional moment with Dave. The next week, Dave once again came in for a cup of tea between tours. Addie wasn’t working, but as luck (or fate) might have it, she happened to be sitting at the bar waiting for her parents to come down before they were off to the West End for a show. Dave came right over and the two struck up right where they left off. Dave was in the middle of asking Addie out when Paul and Karen walked up. 

Fast forward past many dates, trips, and a lot of quality time, they decided they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. On December 23, 2022, Dave planned a surprise in the very wine bar where they had their first date. Addie expected this to be a pre-Christmas date night, but when Dave pointed to a table and said their drinks were already there (the same drinks that they had on their very first date), it became so much more. When she turned back around to look at him in surprise, he was on one knee under the mistletoe, and the rest is history.